Does Red Dead Redemption 2 cause you problems on PC? Rockstar launches a help guide


It cannot be hidden that Red Dead Redemption 2 was one of the most anticipated titles in 2019 for PC, but its launch is not being all the ideal that was presupposed after passing through the consoles. And it is that the problems, errors, freezes and others are making an ordeal pass to many users, to the point that Rockstar itself has launched a help guide to try to solve them.


The truth is that the level of the problems and their variability is being a headache for the company, which already had a lot of work done after launching it exclusively for consoles many months ago.


To try to mitigate the effects of so much criticism, Rockstar has released a very interesting guide that could help many users. But first, let’s know some of the problems that users are reporting and that are currently covering the forums.


Crashes / restarts / freezes


There is not much to explain in this section, since they are very obvious problems and that anyone can detect. In any case, Rockstar states that these problems may be linked to antivirus, including Windows itself, but they also do not specify which are the ones that affect these problems.


Therefore, they recommend disabling the antivirus. Another option that might work, since some users are reporting it, is to include the game folder in exceptions.


Poor performance or sttutering

However surreal it may seem, performance problems are being reported that can even reach mass stuttering.


The solution to these problems comes first by updating the drivers of our graphics card to the latest available versions, as they offer support. On the other hand, it is reported that many of the problems can be solved by uninhabiting two cores in Quadcore CPUs.


This can be done from the task manager, removing affinity to two of the 4 cores.


Problems with the Rockstar launcher


Although it has already been updated last night, and of course it is advisable to install this update, if we are receiving the error of activating the game with an unexpected closure it is possible that the solution is simply to close said launcher and restart it manually.


Another option is to run the laucher, select settings, account information and delete the local profile. This seems to be working with AMD processors, since they were also reporting problems at the beginning of it.


Other problems not specified by the guide

Rockstar recommends having the latest update of Windows 10, but at least that of May 2019. Of course, this can be achieved from updates and security of the operating system itself.


This does not guarantee that the rest of the small problems that we may have are solved, but it may help to alleviate them or correct other derivatives, after all, everything seems to be based on that, updates that users are not installing and that, for some reason, They are producing the vast majority of problems.


Even so, there are many more than we have named, but the amount we have found of them is not enough to label them with widespread problems.


However, Rockstar is currently working on more patches to not only correct these and other problems, but to improve the performance of the game, since as we saw yesterday, it is really very demanding and needs a very powerful graphics card.


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