Changes in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp convince players


All users have a trial month to learn about subscriptions and Gulliver reviews their business to be more tempting.

Nintendo continues to make adjustments in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, the mobile game that has brought the universe of the animal companies of the Japanese company to mobiles after adding multiple deliveries on their consoles, and waiting for its landing next year on Nintendo Switch. Among the most recent changes is the inclusion of subscription modes for this game that has bet from the beginning to be free with micropayments.

The truth is that preliminary data suggests that these changes, as well as subscriptions, have reactivated the number of players and that users are enjoying the title more regularly, so it seems that these developments have achieved one of the objectives that are They mark companies regularly with games as a service: reactivate users who have gradually lost interest.

Gulliver redefines his business and gains sympathy again

The players seem to be especially satisfied with the changes made to the functions associated with Gulliver. What at first was a system to recycle objects that were left over to the player in exchange for rewards that could be of great interest became criticized as a system to spend unusual materials in exchange for items that might not be relevant.

That’s why it’s interesting that his formula has been rechecked with the latest game updates. Now users can get rid of furniture they don’t want, but also materials to build objects and even oddities they get, in exchange for fortune cookies.

Fortune cookies are nothing but the game’s reward boxes. The point is that now we can give Gulliver a wide range of objects of all kinds of value, so although in return we receive reward boxes the options of getting something better or more interesting than what we had beforehand multiply.

One month free trial to see first hand the advantages of the subscription

Another important novelty that has reactivated players is that all users can opt for the subscription mode with a free one-month trial that gives us an assistant (the most economical mode available). In this way, the villager we select accompanies us, but not only that.

That villager can perform tasks and commissions from the other inhabitants while we are not connected, so that we continue to progress and get all kinds of rewards while we are not in the game. And, when we are in the game, our selected villager receives his own commissions, so this means that in essence the player doubles his rewards.

It seems that this month of testing, along with the review of the Gulliver system, has been enough to reactivate users and we will have to be attentive to upcoming data about the game to know if this has also meant an increase in revenue generated. Of course, the most important data will arrive later, when the trial month is over and we know how many have chosen to keep their subscription in one of the two available payment methods.

The two subscription options available

In a subscription plan users can choose a lucky animal as a caretaker of the camp. In this way, we will have extra help. Its price is $ 2.99. The plan includes 60 Premium Premium Tickets monthly.

Another plan allows us to receive fortune cookies on a regular basis, as well as store the furniture and clothes that we accumulate in warehouses. Its price is $ 7.99. It also includes an expanded inventory so we don’t run out of storage space.

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