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Learn to fly 3 is an entertaining arcade game which was created by Jean-Marie Prevost and developed by Light Bringer Games. It is the third game to be developed in the learn to fly series.

The series is so fun and entertaining to play, whereby in the first series of learn to fly, the penguin strives hard to prove to the world that penguins can indeed fly! And the second series learntofly 2, the penguin seeks to revenge on all obstacles that stood on his way.

Learn to fly 3 comes in a much more interesting version, where the penguin is challenged to fly to space.

learn to fly 3 plot

The game starts when the penguin receives an email which is insulting him, claiming he only knows to fly but not able to fly to space. He decides to take on the challenge and with the help of his professor, he shows him a detailed plan on how to successfully launch on the moon.

The game-play

In this game, you must build yourself a powerful penguin spaceship to go to space. The player must try to launch himself using the available materials, earn extra money so that you can buy powerful items that you need to complete your mission, and upgrade your equipment’s.

Unlike the previous developed games in the sequel, learn to fly 3 focuses mostly on vertical launch-game because it is about going to the moon. The game has four game modes which include:

  • The story mode- in this mode the player must complete the story, which is managing to take the penguin to the moon. if the player is successful, this unlocks the other two modes which are payload and classic.
  • The payload mode- this mode is almost like the story mode, but in this mode extra weight is added to the ship at different altitudes, to make it even more harder to manage to land on the moon.
  • The classic mode- this mode is same as to that of learn to fly 1 and 2, with the horizontal game-play although, in learn to fly 3 it is made to be more difficult.
  • Sandbox- this mode is unlocked when a player completes either the payload mode or classic mode. This mode has no objectives or aims. However, players can adjust their game speed, making changes on how much cash can be earned and many more.

Game controls.

  • A/D or Left/right keys or the mouse – to steer.
  • W/Up/Space key– for boosts.
  • S/down keys – to stop other stages.
  • 1/2/3/4 – for single boost controls.

A player can change the control keys on the menu option.

Learn to fly 3 introduces some new features which makes it even more fun and enjoyable to play. The new features include:

  • Customization- players can change the brightness, saturation, hue and Pingu’s clothing. It also allows players to customize Pingu using the bonus points to purchase different faces, bodies, suits, huts and many more.
  • Black Market- this is a shop which sells exclusive items, Boosts and Booster Packs.
  • Booster packs- a player can choose one out of four different types of booster packs when they manage to complete the story mode.
  • HUD Customization- this allows players to customize the HUD’s style or the parts where the HUD can be located on the game screen.


In conclusion, this game is very enjoyable and fun to play due to its cool fun music and good sound effects which are well balanced.

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